Happy Monday!! I can’t believe the weekend is over… I have to keep checking the calander to be sure that it really is Monday.

On to the subject of the day: Branding. Branding and brand image is everything to an organization. As a design student, this is hammered home again and again and again.

As a company, it is something that you really do want to give some thought and attention to. I am a sucker for a creative and beautiful identity. Any company who is willing to put the time, thought and resources into developing something wonderful is instantly becomes one that I want to support.

So, to start us off this week, here are some example of wonderful branding.



This charming identity for Fedrigoni’s Gelateria event was designed by Joe Stephenson. It is absolutely lovely.




At first glance, this is a stationary suite that seems very conservative and formal. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that the entire thing is infused with humour and wit. (since you can’t really tell in the picture, the address at the bottom of the page is upside down!) This was designed for the Australian company, Flip by The Hungry Workshop.




This is a very elegant example of taking something classic and somewhat old-fashioned and making it brand-new and modern. The Sam Tootal brand revolves around the dignified monogram and a simple typewriter-style typeface. It works wonderfully with the luggage tag/manilla envelope and stamp concept and makes for a very simple and understated website. Designed by Manual Creative (if you follow the link, you can read about the choices they made in designing the brand).




This eatery in Singapore has a wonderfully vintage-feeling image that is based on the image of a coin. The result is simple, bold and extremely attractive.  The image for the Five & Dime was created by Bravo Company.


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