Here’s a nifty little thing that seems fairly basic and straight-forward at first glance. It’s complexity and wonder really start to pop out, however, the more you look at it and think about it.

It is the Periodic Table of Typefaces. A practical and beautiful design put together by Squidspot. The included fonts are based off of a german site that listed the Top 100 Fonts of All Time. Now, I don’t understand german, but from what I’ve been able to find on the subject, the ranking of the fonts was based upon their objective, their FontShop sales figures, their historical value or meaning, and lastly their aesthetic qualities. It was based upon commercial fonts only (no free fonts were considered).

Other sources of lists and opinions for the the table:
Paul Shaw’s Top 100 Types survey
21 Most Used Fonts by Professional Designers
Top 7 Fonts used by Professionals in Graphic Design
30 Font’s that ALL Designers Must Know & Should Own
Typefaces no one get Fired for Using

The above are also fantastic resources if you are desperate for the right typeface for a project and don’t know what to use.


The table in it’s various forms as well as an FAQ can be found here.

Click on image to see a larger version.

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